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Best Air Duct Cleaning Services

By law, you must hold an HVAC licence in order to cut into the plenum (which holds most of the dust in the system). Most air duct companies will simply come out and clean the system as fast as possible (without taking the time to make sure the entire system is clean)  Our Air Duct Cleaning Specialists are fully licensed. This means that we are able to clean every inch of your ductwork the correct way, Giving you the best service for your money!

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33% Of Airflow Is Lost In Your Air Ducts (before air duct sealing)


40 lbs Of Dust Accumulates Annually In The Average Home!


25 to 40 Percent of The Energy Used For Heating or Cooling A Home Is Wasted! (According to the U.S. Department of Energy)


Micropure Total Active Air Purifier

The Micropure Total Active Air Purifier  uses a unique indoor air quality process that naturally produces airborne scrubbers (they actively destroy air pollutants). Micropure has been proven to sanitize the air and all surfaces in your home!


NASA Technology

This MX4 technology  was developed by NASA themselves for use in the International Space Station. It uses both positive and negatively charged air scrubbers that attract contaminates (kind of like a magnet).

More information on Micropure Total Active Air Purifier

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Air Duct Sealing

Sealing your air ducts will save you money on energy costs, solve common comfort problems (rooms that are too hot in the summer & too cold in the winter), improve indoor air quality, improve safety as well as help protect the environment.





Did You Know?

An Estimated 33% of airflow is LOST in your air ducts.

More information on Air Duct Sealing

House Air Duct Cleaning


The first thing we do is remove your air duct vents and inspect your ventilation system before we do any work on them. Once we assess the ducts & determine the best cleaning process, we gather all the air vents and get them ready for a deep cleaning & sanitation with our exclusive antimicrobial solution. 


We always examine the air ducts thoroughly before we begin the process. Not all air ducts contain the same amount of dust and/or growth, we always make sure the homeowner is aware of what is lurking within their ventilation system. We have a high-quality camera setup specifically for this purpose. If the customer is available, we give them the chance to see the inside of the ventilation system. Majority of people cannot believe all of the dust they see!


After examination, we can begin the cleaning & sanitation process! We go vent by vent and use an assortment of tips and nozzles to promote agitation, removing all dust and debris present in your system. During this process, we also clean & sanitize your return on your air conditioning unit (the area where your filter goes, this area tends to collect the most dust bunnies! Ew! )


We clean all of your vents with our special chemical (unlike other companies, we use a solution that will not harm your (or your pets) health & is also environmentally friendly!), which kills and halts bacteria/mold growth and also leaves your home smelling fresh! (In the case where your air vents are yellowed or off colored, we offer air vent restoration)


We use our special formula to fog your ENTIRE system, getting rid of any foul smells, mold growth and most importantly, sanitizes your ENTIRE air duct system! This process is 100% safe for children & pets. Unlike traditional fogging, you can remain in the house during the entire process, it is just as safe as an aerosol air freshener!  If you have allergies, we recommend getting your air ventilation system fogged every 6 months.

How Is Your Indoor Air Quality?

Being in the industry for over 20 years, nobody knows air duct cleaning better than us.  We always like to tell our clients that the degradation of indoor air quality by harmful chemicals and other materials, can be up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. If your family suffers from allergies, are constantly getting sick and can’t seem to get well, this could very well be due to poor indoor air quality.

Advanced Air Duct Cleaning

With a combination of experienced service specialists & some of the best equipment in the air duct cleaning industry, we are hands-down the air duct cleaning company you should go with. Trusted by San Antonio since 1999 with thousands of happy customers. We value our customers & make sure that the job exceeds your expectations. We are also licensed in HVAC, which means we can inspect your AC while we are cleaning your air ducts. Why would you consider paying another company to check your air conditioner if you can do it all at once?This is unheard of in our industry!

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Peter Do  ★★★★★

San Antonio, Tx

Kolorkist came out to clean our air ducts, tile, and grout. They really went above and beyond what a typical company would do. Every time I would check on their progress, I could see that they were literally treating my house as their own. They covered the furniture with plastic, thoroughly cleaned the vents instead of just wiping them, and they even ended up steam cleaning my staircase because it was dirty (another carpet cleaning company had actually just cleaned it)! Their scheduling department is outstanding. I actually rescheduled all of my services for 24 hours later on short notice due to a delay from another company – they said no problems and got it done.


Zelma Rodriguez  ★★★★★

San Antonio, Tx

We have nothing but good things to say about Kolorkist. They were professional, friendly, and honest. They deep cleaned our air vents/ducts, sealed our ducts in the attic (which had not been properly done by the previous owner), and installed a new A/C return. They were always on time and returned our calls. Great service, no complaints.