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To Carpet Clean Or Not To Carpet Clean

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    We offer 24/7 Emergency Service to all of our customers. You can always count on our KolorKist Specialists to get to you fast and get the job done right the first time. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the source of your heating and air conditioning problems and fix them fast.
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    Love throwing dinner parties? Family staying over? Not sure where that stain came from? Our carpets take a beating from soccer practices and dinner parties to first steps, prom nights and special holiday memories. In this time they can take on all sorts of stains: coffee, dirt, wine, pet dander, allergens, germs. And if you think your vacuum cleaner can get up all of the dirt and debris from your day to day life, there’s plenty of things your vacuum misses. Your average standing vacuum cannot remove deep or old stains. The average standing vacuum also can’t sanitize or lift and remove pet dander from the deep fibers of your home’s carpet.

    Your carpet acts like a sponge. The fibers of your carpet trap in dirt, pollen, pet hair and more. Wet stains like from coffee and wine can soak into the fibers and discolor your carpets. Got a pet? Pet urine soaks deep into the fibers of your carpet; beyond the reach of most commercially available sprays, powders and vacuums. And those odors and discoloration can stay in your carpets for a long time. Most commercial cleaners only hit the surface of your carpet; leaving behind the other layers and base of your home’s carpet. Cleaning just the surface may temporarily remove the odor or spot but it doesn’t clean deep enough to get it completely out; and there’s nothing worse than stains on top of older stains!

    There’s plenty of reasons to keep your carpets in top condition outside of just impressing your house guests. Carpets can keep and hold on to allergens and pollen making it difficult for allergy sufferers, especially those of us that struggle with cedar fever like so many San Antonio natives. Pet dander can stay in carpets and each time the carpet is touched or agitated it can release pet hair and dander making any of your guests with pet allergies struggle. Germs can also stay in your carpets putting those with immune system issues and the very old and very young at risk for illness and infection.

    There are two main ways to clean your carpets: dry cleaning methods and steam cleaning methods. Dry cleaning methods use chemicals and brushes to agitate and lift dirt and odors out of your carpets. The chemicals also help relax the fibers in your carpet to lift out long set in stains. This method can be costly with the use of chemicals and agitation of the carpets can leave some more delicate carpet fibers frayed and distressed.

    Steam cleaning uses chemicals and super heated water to relax carpet fibers and sanitize while also breaking up dirt particles and making them easier to remove. Steam cleaning does leave carpets wet and some older carpets can take a while to dry and wearing shoes on damp carpets are a big no. For best results with both dry and steam cleaning with carpets it’s best to start room by room and work outwards that way the rooms used most often can dry in time to be used by your family sooner than the ones less likely to be used.

    There are pros and cons to both methods of cleaning. Dry cleaning your carpets means almost no drying time but the chemicals can be harsh. Steam cleaning uses less harsh chemicals but drying can take hours. There’s also a cost difference: dry cleaning is often times more economical and steam cleaning depending on the provided can be on the pricey end. When it comes to cleaning your carpets, you can choose to clean just a room or two or your entire home. Many decide to just get their living room and dining room cleaned before a holiday party or home event while others choose regular deep cleaning to keep allergens at bay. Regardless of why you get your carpets cleaned: it’s recommended to do so a few times a year just to keep away dirt, germs and allergens and extend the life of your carpet.

    Whether you choose dry or steam cleaning, call Kolorkist Cleaning. These guys are professional, talented and efficient. Most residences can have their carpets cleaned in one visit. Contact Kolorkist for the best in cleaning services here in San Antonio for your quote today. Your carpet is your home’s first impression: make it a good one.