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Make Your Home Look New Again

A simple pressure washing can make your home look just like the day you bought it(or maybe even better!). Instead of paying thousand of dollars to get your home or gutters repainted, why not try to clean it first? KolorKist has over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry. We are certain that nobody can compare to us.

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Why Choose KolorKist?

Our team has years of experience in pressure washing. We use high-end truck-mounted equipment that exceeds 250 degrees at over 3,750 PSI! If we can’t clean it, nobody can!

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Our Pressure Washing Equipment


We use a Commercial Rig for all of our pressure washing jobs! If you have any stains on your driveway ex. oil stains, we can blast them away with our hot water system. Our hot water system gets up to 250 degrees!


Our system has 3,750 psi, keep in mind that the average non-commercial pressure washer is only 1200psi-2000psi! We have the ability to govern our system, so we can be as gentle as needed on certain surfaces.


  If you get with your neighbors and all decide to get some pressure washing done on your property, we will offer a bulk discount!

Pressure Washing

   At Kolorkist, you can expect reliable year-round service for all of your pressure washing needs. Our service specialists have the training & experience necessary to pressure wash and restore all different types of services. We use hot water up to 220 degrees to remove stains without being too harsh on the surface!

Remove Tire Marks

Don’t you hate those annoying tire marks on your driveway? It seems like no matter how you try to clean them, they don’t even seem to fade. Tire marks are no competition for our 220+ degree pressure washing rigs. We will leave your driveway looking like the day it was poured. Don’t let your driveway ruin the look of your home, get it cleaned today!

kolorkist pressure washing looks you home look better


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Peter Do  ★★★★★

San Antonio, Tx

Kolorkist came out to clean our air ducts, tile, and grout. They really went above and beyond what a typical company would do. Every time I would check on their progress, I could see that they were literally treating my house as their own. They covered the furniture with plastic, thoroughly cleaned the vents instead of just wiping them, and they even ended up steam cleaning my staircase because it was dirty (another carpet cleaning company had actually just cleaned it)! Their scheduling department is outstanding. I actually rescheduled all of my services for 24 hours later on short notice due to a delay from another company – they said no problems and got it done.

Taylor Parrish  ★★★★★

San Antonio, Tx

I had Chris out today! He worked as fast he could! And was so helpful! We had issues with our ac before and unfortunately we rent the home so we could not call a guy we wanted! But he was more than helpful and seemed to have real concern with them problem and getting it fixed ASAP! They are an awesome company and I will definitely keep them in mind!